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Body-Solid G Series Cable Column Attachment GCCA

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€ 595,00

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Key features

  • 10 incremental adjustments
  • Quick and accurate adjustments
  • Pivoting quad-pulley design
  • Dual handle design
  • Ideal for home and commercial use

10 incremental adjustments and pivoting quad pulley design provide natural movements and allow users to fully customize their exercises. 

The dual handle design allows both unilateral and bilateral movements so you can concentrate on a single muscle or on a whole muscle group.
A single pop pin adjustment keeps the transition between exercises smooth and simple.

For use with the G2B, G3S, G5S, G6B, G10B Home Gyms only.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: L 180 cm x W 236 cm x H 212 cm
  • Weight: 37,7 kg

The average estimated delivery time for cardio products is 5 to 10 days. That time varies depending on your payment method, the order date and of course your presence on the day of delivery.

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