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About us

Bodytrading, known in France for its innovative Products, honoured for it's 28 year experience, quality and integrity, Is now available all over Europe.

We offer our clients the opportunity to train under the best possible conditions. Based on your wishes, we will propose your matching products at the lowest rates.

Improving your health is our mission.

28 years of Fitness passion shared with you !

We would like to take advantage of this occasion to thank you for your fidelity. Since 1987, we have participated in the evolution of fitness equipment and we served our customers with the best machines available. Currently we have several of the best possible brands in our range to help fitness fanatics of any level, to improve their health and/or physical condition.

Many of our customers wonder how Bodytrading can offer quality at this price, Our price/quality report is one of the best in the industry. The answer is pretty simple: We skipped the middle-man and buy direct from the factory to supply you as our end-consumer. Our product range is also carefully selected by 30 years of experience at Tradeshows, Expos, factory-visits,...


The Bodytrading Team.